Six months prior I got a flashing check engine light. Seeing the possible causes, I had to save for six months because I only receive Social Security Disability. I joined Angie’s specifically to find a new garage that would be honest and not find problems that do not exist as the dealer that I had been going to had done. Thanks to Angie’s I was able to find Veryl’s. I sent an email (after hours) and explained my situation.I couldn’t believe that Jeff replied within a couple of hours that night! Right away I knew I had found the right guys. I had owned my own business for thirty years before becoming disabled and knew what it takes to succeed. The next day they had found the problem, sent me an estimate and would start the repair the next day. I thought it would probably be done the next week sometime but they had it done the next day! I probably should have known.And this goes without saying, it was done correctly. I also needed a new battery and Jeff was able to find that I still had some warranty coverage on it and did pro-rate it. As if all this weren’t enough,it was actually under the estimate. Now that was a first for me. Anyone that’s reading this looking for a great place to go, stop looking and give Veryl’s a call. I’m exactly 3 miles to their front door. If it was 100, I’m still going. Thanks Jeff
— Gary M.
Veryl’s is a family business. I have been going for years. This time I went in for my annual inspection. I was not aware that all my tires were dangerously worn (which explains the shimmy!). The team is professional and empathetic. The service is efficient. If I need a ride to/from my house, ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ will provide a courtesy shuttle. In the past, over time, they have fixed my axles, brakes, shocks.
I drove in for inspection, and waited in the comfy Customer Lounge for the inspection service to be completed. (I was the first of the day; experienced no waiting) I was advised that my tires did not pass inspection. I failed inspection. I left and shopped around for tires, and found that their prices were very reasonable, so I returned and bought tires, and had them installed. Within a week, I received the customary thank you note from the company for my business.
— JoAnn B.
Vehicle: 1973 Dodge Charger SE. I wanted to thank Jeff and the mechanic for the time spent working on the front end alignment for the car. It is good to know that you have a talented experienced mechanic that has put is heart into adjusting the front end to achieve the maximum possible results.

After driving the car last night on the Purple Heart test track, I have to say it handles like it did when it was much newer.

Thank you for meeting my expectations by finally achieving the maximum possible performance this car is designed to provide.
— Michael P.
This particular appointment was for a broken A/C, however I have been bringing my cars there general maintenance for years. I have been using Veryl’s for years, ever since moving to South Hadley. They are amazing, very honest, very easy to deal with. Never a problem to get an appointment, and never any pressure to perform work that isn’t necessary. They will work with you and explain all options.
— Stephenie L M
Veryl has maintained my BMW and Toyota truck for the last five years and my cars have been preforming great. The BMW is a 2003 the truck a 2001. I have to drive to new york every week. At the beginning of summer I had a lot of work to be done on the BMW: one bolt joint, breaks, oil change and replace the mechanism in the tank for the gas gage they were able to do everything in one day and very well. Notice that the bass gage part was expensive and was one of those parts that has to be new but often they work with me to find used cheeper parts like when I bent the rim of on tire. They area incredibly competent and calm.
you go in according to your appointment , they call you with an estimate and the work is always done when they say it would be. Never sloppy, always clear also very willing to explain when needing a substitution which parts should be new and originals, which can be of a generic brand and which used. The shop is incredibly clean and if you have an oil change you can wait there.
— Paola F.
They are very friendly. I feel comfortable using them. They are really nice people. I am very pleased with them. I take my car there and they give me feedback. They don’t push services that I don’t need. They do a good job.
— Tom L.
I bought a new hub/bearing assembly and rented a puller. After putting the car on jack stands and removing the wheel and brake caliper and rotor, I hooked up the bearing puller and pulled out the bearing. Well not all of it, the bearing was so rusted and stuck, only the inner race came off. After much hammering and #%*@%$ I saw that I was in over my head. I checked out Angie’s list and called Veryl’s in South Hadley. I spoke to Jeff, he said to get the car to them and they would fix it. He also said that Intercity Towing would be able to get the car to them. (the car had only 3 wheels).Intercity picked the car up Wednesday night and took it to Veryl’s. I spoke with Jeff Thursday afternoon, the car was back together and waiting for 1 new bolt. Because of my work, I couldn’t pick it up until Monday. They had to take the rear knuckle off and heat it up to hammer out the old bearing. Then put back the whole knuckle e-brake shoes and springs, rotor, caliper, brake cable, hub sensor and wheel.I’m very pleased with the fast service, and the price.
— Pete P.